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Some people pay their Council rates year after year without really knowing what they are getting for their money.

Under our Strategic Plan, we deliver over 170 distinct and vital services to over 155,000 residents, and plan for future activities and improvements by ensuring we have the necessary financial and human resource capacity in place to deliver them.

Take a look at our A-Z of Council Services for more information on what your rates go towards and how you can make the most of the services we provide. 

Rate notices are issued annually in July and payment is due by August 31, or by quarterly instalments due August 31, November 30, February 28 and May 31 each year. Options to pay weekly, fortnightly and monthly are offered via Direct Debit.

Where does the money come from?

Property rates and annual charges make up just over half of Council's total income.  The rest comes from fees and charges paid by users of a service, grants and contributions from NSW and Federal governments, leases on Council-owned properties, and other areas. We are working hard to build alternative income streams to supplement our rates and charges.

Land values and your rates

Ordinary rates are made up of a base amount of $180 and a variable rate based on the land value of your property in proportion to the value of all land in Wyong Shire. Your rates this year are based on the 1 July 2011 land revaluation by the NSW Valuer General.

Land revaluations affect the amount of Ordinary Rates payable by individual ratepayers, but they don't affect the total amount of rates Council must raise to provide your community with the services you need.  Changes  to land valuations cause a redistribution of the rates levied across properties, but your individual rates may not go up and down in line with your property value.  If you have a question or don't agree with your revised land value, see the NSW Valuer General website or telephone 1800 110 038.

Rates information at a glance

  • Council has increased your Ordinary Rates by 6.9% for 2013/14 which includes the NSW rate peg for local government of 3.4% plus an additional 3.5% as a Special Rate Variation from 2013/14 - 2016/17.
  • For the typical residential ratepayer the extra 3.5% will cost around $42.85 in 2014/15. This will increase each year to around $152 in 2016/17

Special rates and other charges

Read about our other rates and charges including Special Rates, Waste Management Charges, Stormwater Management Charges, and Water, Sewer and Drainage Charges.

Find more information on how you can pay your rates.

Or visit our Rates - Frequently Asked Questions page.