Media Releases 2017

Council reminds motorists to take extra care around schools

19 Apr 2017

With the second term of the 2017 school year kicking off next week, Central Coast Council is reminding residents to slow down near schools and put the safety of children first.


Monday 24 April is a gazetted school day which means 40km zones will be back in force, as will parking zones around schools.


Parking zones around schools are in place for the safety of children, but also assist with traffic flow during busy drop off and pick up times.


As the school term begins, Council Rangers and Parking Officers will carry out extra patrols to enforce parking restrictions around schools, helping to ensure a safe start to the school term.


Council is encouraging everyone to take care when driving through school zones, stick to the speed limit, follow directions from crossing supervisors and avoid any dangerous manoeuvres.


Double Demerits will also be in force from Friday 21 April to Tuesday 25 April 2017 (inclusive) and will apply if a motorist is caught speeding in a designated school zone on Monday 24 April.


For more information on how to park safely around schools, visit