Media Releases 2017

Council welcomes $3 million funding injection for Tuggerah Lakes

19 Jun 2017

Central Coast Council has welcomed $3 million in funding for Tuggerah Lakes Estuary and Catchment Improvement as part of the Federal Government’s Improving Your Local Parks and Environment Program.
These funds will add to the $7 million Council has already invested in Tuggerah Lakes this financial year resulting in significant improvements in the water quality across the lakes system.
Council Group Leader, Mr Mike Dowling said the funds would be dedicated to whole of catchment issues in an effort to reduce the effects of pollutants, litter and environmental vandalism making their way into the lakes.
“This funding will support the ongoing implementation of the Tuggerah Lakes Estuary Management Plan through stormwater upgrades, foreshore enhancement and a range of streambank, wetland and saltmarsh rehabilitation activities in the estuary catchment,” Mr Dowling said.
“The project will continue to improve water quality, enhance nearshore areas for recreational use, reduce pollutant loads to the estuary, control invasive species in ecologically sensitive areas, encourage sustainable use and educate the local community about the estuary. “
The project will build on a decade of estuary planning and management that has resulted in a measurable improvement in water quality and ecological condition of Tuggerah Lakes and the catchment.
Council Administrator Mr Ian Reynolds said the funding was a clear indication of the lobbying power the new Central Coast has and he is looking forward to more funding flowing to the Coast for the Lakes and other key initiatives.
“The Tuggerah Lakes estuary is a jewel in the crown of the Central Coast offering a unique environment which is rich in biodiversity and must be protected,” Mr Reynolds said.
“Council is pleased to have this Federal Government support and it will help Council to continue to invest in monitoring and improving the health of our catchments and waterways.
“We all have a role to play in protecting our unique environment and waterways and I encourage everyone to get involved.”
Residents can do simple things to keep our lakes healthy including:
  • Wash cars on grass or at a car wash. This reduces the amount of chemicals and detergent entering the stormwater system
  • Build a rain garden or install a rainwater tank to capture and reuse runoff from rooftops and hardstand areas
  • Put litter, pet droppings and garden waste in the bin. This stops pollution before it occurs and keeps waterways and foreshores clean and tidy
  • Use less fertiliser or grow a native garden which doesn’t need much fertiliser
  • Keep to formed walking trails and boat ramps to minimise your impact
  • Report environmental vandalism to Council
The project will commence in July this year and will run over three years finishing in July 2020.