Media Releases 2017

New partnership to deliver streamlined waste services to Central Coast community

07 Aug 2017

Central Coast Council has announced Cleanaway Pty Ltd as their new partner to deliver essential waste services to the community from 1 February 2018.

As one of Australia’s leading providers in waste management, Cleanaway believe in partnering with local government and the community to deliver a sustainable future.  Cleanaway best met all the criteria of the tender process particularly in price and service and will have all equipment ready to go for the start of the new contract. 
Council Administrator, Mr Ian Reynolds, said the community could look forward to a more streamlined waste service due to the economies of scale from amalgamation and the technology advances in waste services.
“One of the great benefits of amalgamation is Council’s ability now to negotiate better rates and services for the entire Central Coast and we can see that with this new contract,” Mr Reynolds said.
“Previously there were two contracts with different service specifications operating and a border on the Central Coast for waste services – that is no more,”
“Cleanaway ticks all the boxes in experience, customer service, technology advances, equipment and local employment.
“Local jobs will also be protected with Cleanaway agreeing to employ the garbage drivers at the rate Council negotiated previously with the Transport Workers Union.”
The popular six free kerbside collections for each residence are included and residents will be able to book one via a dedicated call centre, website and for the first time via a phone app.  
Bin sizes will be standardised across the Coast with every residence entitled to a 140 litre bin and a recycling and green waste bin as well.  Residents can also request a larger, 240 litre bin which attracts an extra fee.
An independent probity advisor was engaged by Council to oversee the process and the opinion of the tender panel was unanimous for Cleanaway.
“I am confident Council has followed due process and has negotiated the best possible outcome for the community who will benefit from the delivery of a superior waste service.
Remondis will continue to deliver waste services to the Central Coast until 31 January with Cleanaway taking up the reins from 1 February 2018.