As a local government body, we have a duty to ensure that both our decision making and our day-to-day activities are undertaken in accordance with the best interests of current and future generations of the Central Coast.

Governance is not just a set of processes and structures, but a core responsibility of every councillor and staff member every day.

In order to achieve this, we have a rigorous governance framework in place that goes above and beyond the standards required by the NSW Local Government Act, to help us make the right decisions and set the right course for our community at all times.

Overview of framework

Our governance framework is made up of structures, systems and practices.

Engagement framework

We are committed to ensuring that everyone with an interest in a decision has the opportunity to be informed, participate and have their voice heard and have an Engage Me Framework to ensure a consistent service.

Council hosts regular engagement activities at community events as well as offering opportunities for residents to have their say via our Resident ePanel and through our Facebook and Twitter pages.


Our 15 Councillors make decisions on behalf of the community and comply with a Code of Conduct and Code of Meeting Practice.

Our Executive Management team makes day-to-day decisions on operational matters and complies with the same Code of Conduct and a set of policies and procedures.

External controls

External controls include compliance with Federal and State Government legislation, NSW Ombudsman, Department of Local Government, Independent Commission Against Corruption, Workcover and external financial audit.

Internal controls

Internal controls include fraud and corruption prevention, legal and risk management, tendering and procurement and the positions of Internal Audit, Internal Ombudsman and an independent Audit and Risk Committee.

Planning and reporting framework

We have a number of plans and strategies to determine how our resources will be used to their full potential to benefit our community - our Strategic Plan 2013-17 focuses on the delivery of outputs against the aspirations of the community as spelt out in the Community Strategic Plan and leads on from our achievements in 2011-12 as outlined in the Annual Report 2011-12 – Taking Shape.

Policy framework

Including the Codes of Conduct and Meeting Practice, Sustainability Principles outlined in the Strategic Plan 2013-17 and general policies.