Report an Issue

Use it anywhere anytime. Try it out today.

Now you can report an issue straight to Council using your smartphone or tablet.

If you are out and about and see something amiss then report it straight away.

  1. using your smart phone or tablet - go to - you will be automatically redirected to Council's mobile site.
  2. tap on the 'Report an Issue' tab

  3. to use the GPS function on your device select ok - this will automatically find the location of the issue for you
  4. tap 'Select an Issue type' - choose the section that is relevant to you - ie graffiti or click on 'all issues' to see the full selection
  5. tap 'Please select Issue Details' which will give you a range of options under the section you have chosen.
  6. choose one and then type in additional information in the box provided if you want to.
  7. don't forget to take or upload a picture to help us identify the issue quickly
  8. location details screen - if you clicked ok to the GPS Function above then the address of the issue should have been entered automatically
  9. last step - fill in your name, contact number and an email address so we can respond to your request.

We will send you a confirmation email saying your issue has been received with a service request number.

For more information download the pdf format Report an Issue - flyer or watch the ppt format Report an Issue - PowerPoint Presentation.