Planning Controls, Strategies and Policy

Planning Controls

These documents will determine what you will be able to do with your property and what your neighbours or businesses can do with theirs.

If you are looking at lodging a Development Application, Construction Certificate or Complying Development Certificate make sure you read through the information on our Development Approval Process pages.

In accordance with the provisions of the Local Planning and Assessment act 1979, on 23 December 2013, the Wyong Local Environment Plan 2013 was made law by the Minister for Planning and Infrastructure.
Wyong LEP 2013 is now Wyong Shire’s principal planning document, containing land use and zoning provisions to regulate what development can occur. It replaced Wyong LEP 1991, with the exception of certain land at Tuggerah, which has been deferred from Wyong LEP 2013. In this location the provisions of Wyong LEP 1991 will continue to apply.

In addition, on 17, September 2013, the Director General of the Department of Planning and Infrastructure granted conditional endorsement of the Wyong Shire Settlement Strategy. The Settlement Strategy is now Wyong Shires principal reference for the management of population growth, local employment increase and infrastructure access for the next 20 years. The Settlement Strategy replaces the Wyong Residential Development Strategy.

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Planning Strategies

Council is constantly involved in planning our future.
The planning strategies listed below contain work-in-progress information on planning strategies, development controls and other plans and strategies.

 Land Use and Planning Policies

For more information about specific policies call Customer Contact on (02) 4350 5555.