The Entrance Masterplan

Aerial photo identifying land that will be affected by The Entrance MasterplanThe Entrance Peninsula Planning Strategy identified the opportunity to prepare a masterplan for The Entrance Town Centre with the purpose of providing a framework to improve the viability and vitality of the centre. This will be done by identifying various relevant issues, which is expected to include;

  1. Appropriate land uses (i.e., business types, attractions, activities, etc) and their location within the centre,
  2. Appropriate planning solutions,
  3. Important linkages within the centre and between the centre and neighbouring areas,
  4. A functional and attractive urban and public domain design
  5. A variety of other matters.

The masterplan will be developed for all of The Entrance Town Centre, as shown on the adjacent map. The sites shown on the map are seven of the Iconic Development Sites. These sites are;

  1. Dunleith Tourist Park
  2. Vacant 'Key' Site
  3. Ebbitide Mall Site
  4. Dening/Short Street Carpark Site
  5. Lakeside Plaza Site
  6. The Greens - The Entrance Bowling Club
  7. Residential Tourist Zone 'Klumper' Site

The Entrance Masterplan is closely aligned to the Iconic Development Sites Project.

The project was predominately looked after by Council staff, with assistance from professional consultants when required on issues such as; urban design, team/group facilitation, conceptual landscape design, and economic matter tourism matters.

The preparation of a masterplan for The Entrance Town Centre involved workshops, public exhibition and masterplan finalisation, over a nine month period.

There were seven workshops facilitated by a experienced independant consultant, to consider any issues and ideas.

See attached information sheet pdf format The Entrance Town Centre Masterplan Information Sheet - December 2011 (981.27 KB)

To find out more about this project take a look at the doc format preliminary information (3.64 MB) or contact Steve Ashton, Senior Strategic Planner, on (02) 4350 5749 or

The Masterplan was endorsed by Council at its meeting held on 14 December 2011. See pdf format The Entrance Town Centre Masterplan Report (7.85 MB) to view a copy of the Masterplan.

Reclassification of Council land at Short St, Carpark

Pursuant to Section 29 of the Local Government Act 1993 Council held a public hearing on 30 July 2015 in relation to the reclassification of Part Lot G DP 348221, 10 Dening St, The Entrance from community to operational land.

The purpose of the reclassification is to enable the redevelopment of the site in accordance with the recommendations of The Entrance Town Centre Masterplan and Council’s Key (Iconic) Sites process.

In accordance with Section 47G of the Local Government Act 1993, the public hearing was facilitated by an independent chairperson. Council's appointed independent chairperson, Mr Peter Walsh, has released the Public-Hearing-Report-for-10-Dening-St-The-Entrance.

Any enquiries regarding this matter should be directed to Council’s Senior Strategic Planner, Lynda Hirst, on or (02) 4350 5774.