Budgewoi Masterplan

Budgewoi west village centre after

The Budgewoi Masterplan was adopted by Council on 11 December 2013 and will guide public domain improvement works and development for the coastal village. A number of works have been proposed to assist in linking the village centres, natural assets and recreational areas, while making every effort to retain the relaxed coastal village atmosphere of the area.

The Masterplan ensures that the study area is appropriately planned for and developed over the coming decades. It offers opportunities to enhance the quality of the public domain, create dedicated public spaces, facilitate pedestrian and cyclist activity, encourage greater utilisation of public spaces, shape future development and enhance the distinctive character of Budgewoi.

Budgewoi east village centre before
Photo of current view: Eastern Village area

Budgewoi east village centre after
Artists impression: Eastern Village area

The Masterplan has been developed through a collaborative process between Wyong Shire Council and the Budgewoi Community. Four Stakeholder workshops were held during the preparation of the Masterplan allowing Council to work closley with the community.

Budgewoi Masterplan - plaza rd before
Photo of current view: Western Village area- Plaza Rd

Budgewoi west plaza rd centre after
Artists impression: Western Village area- Plaza Rd

Where to Now

An Implementation Plan forms part of the Masterplan document and assists in guiding future works. Council has now commenced implementation of the Masterplan using this plan as a guide.

Projects including the upgrade of street furniture and new bin enclosures in Budgewoi Circle have now been completed and a project to construct a missing section of footpath in Budgewoi Circle has also been completed. Work is being undertaken on traffic studies for both the East and West Village Centres which will assist in guiding the future development of the area.

The full Budgewoi Masterplan study area is shown in red.

Map of Budgewoi Masterplan Study Area