Lake Haven Masterplan

The Lake Haven Town Centre Masterplan (adopted 9 April 2014) will provide a long term strategic direction for the desired development of the area.

The masterplan facilitates development of a range of additional land uses within the Town Centre including:

  • leisure/entertainment,
  • business services,
  • employment and housing.

Council recently approved a new cinema complex adjoining the Lake Haven Recreation Centre, which will increase the range of entertainment and employment opportunities in the area.

Lake Haven masterplan - entry street artist impression

The Masterplan identifies key sites that can be developed as joint ventures or public private partnerships. These partnerships would enable public domain improvements and/or generate additional revenue for reinvestment in community and recreational facilities or other improvements.

In the Lake Haven Town Centre the Masterplan proposes a new dedicated community square adjoining the library and bus interchange.

The plan seeks to improve connectivity within the Town Centre, and facilitate and improve parking and traffic flows, for example, investigating the potential to extend Dash Road through to Stratford Avenue, providing improved access in and around the Shopping Centre and the land surrounding the Lake Haven Oval.

Lake Haven masterplan - shopping centre artist impression

The Masterplan was developed through a collaborative process between Council, the landowners and the local community. One on one meetings were held with the landowners and 2 Community Information Days were held at Lake Haven Shopping Centre during preparation and public exhibition of the Masterplan.

Where to Now?

Stage 1 of the Masterplan will now commence

A Public Domain Strategy and Implementation Plan set out the budget, priorities, staging and delivery for a range of public domain improvements.

In addition, Council recently signed a Voluntary Planning Agreement (VPA) with Metro Cinemas (February 2014) to fund up to $200,000 worth of public domain improvements to the new community square adjoining the cinema and Recreation Centre.

A planning proposal to rezone land (i.e. Entertainment/Commercial Precinct, Mega Centre Precinct and Shopping Centre PAD site) within the Town Centre to a B4 Mixed Use zone is under consideration. The B4 Mixed Use zone will encourage a wider range of land uses that increase community and economic activity, provide increased employment opportunities, and will enable the concepts and visions outlined within the Masterplans to be realised.