Wyong LEP 2013 Amendment Request

Wyong Local Environmental Plan (LEP) 2013 Amendments

In circumstances where the Wyong Local Environmental Plan (LEP) 2013 does not allow a particular form of desired development, a Request may be made to change the planning controls and/or zoning. These Requests are referred to as ‘Planning Proposals’.
In assessing these applications Council will consider a range of local and state policy to determine if the Request has merits and if additional reports or justification will be required.

Take a look at the Planning Proposal Procedure for information on how Council processes such Requests.


A common question to Council is “How long does the process for a planning proposal take?”

The timeframe of the process is dependent upon the complexity of the changes sought, the relevance and suitability of the information provided for assessment purposes, agency referral timeframes and other factors.

Council is guided as to the completion timeframes by conditions issued by the Department of Planning and Environment (DP&E) for any proposal which is supported by both Council and the DP&E. This is referred to as the “Gateway Determination”.  For small and locality specific changes, timeframes can be as short as 3-6 months or up to two or more years for precinct or large land release areas.

Pre-Lodgement Meeting

A formal pre-lodgement meeting with one of Council’s Rezoning staff is recommended before you lodge a Request to Amend Wyong LEP 2013. During this meeting, Council staff can provide guidance and advice as to what information is required (at minimum) to be lodged with a Request to amend Wyong LEP 2013. Additional information (including investigative studies) may be required to be undertaken and submitted to enable further assessment once the Request is lodged and/or supported by Council and/or the DP&E.

There is a fee for the formal pre-lodgement meeting but most proponents find the meeting to be beneficial, saving time and money for the developer. To schedule a formal pre-lodgement, please download, complete and submit to Council the form which is available here.

What information is required to be included in a Request to amend Wyong LEP 2013?

Each Request to amend Wyong LEP 2013 needs to be supported by a lodgement form and the Request submitted in the format of a Planning Proposal. Relevant information and studies should also be submitted to Council at the time of lodgement as well as payment of the applicable fees as per Councils applicable Strategic Plan. 

An Application Lodgement Requirement document is available via the following link outlining the typical documents to be lodged in support of a Request to Amend Wyong LEP 2013 Proposal-Documentation-Requirements.

Where Can I Find Additional Information?

A number of relevant resource documents regarding the LEP Amendment Process can be obtained from the Department of Planning and Environment (DP&E) website using following links:
  • The Gateway Process home page provides an overview of the steps and processes involved in the LEP-making process (including links to Frequently Asked Questions);
  • The Guide to Preparing Local Environmental Plans (April 2013) provides further information regarding the purpose of LEPs and the processes involved in making amendments to LEPs;
  • The LEP Tracking System enables the community to track the progress of an LEP Request in all NSW Local Government Areas, including Wyong.