Scenic walks, cycleways and footpaths

Wyong Shire has more than 300 kilometres of pedestrian and cycling paths, more than half of which are off-road footpaths, designed mainly for pedestrians.

However, there's also more than 105 kilometres of off-road shared pathways, which can be used by both pedestrians and cyclists; and more than 50 kilometres of on-road bicycle lanes on the side of the road and usually marked by painted white lines and bicycle symbols.

On-road bicycle lanes and shared pathways support Wyong Shire Council’s goal of enhancing the quality of life of residents, both now and into the future. Bicycle lanes provide an efficient transport and training corridor for cyclists, whilst shared pathways can be utilised by the entire community for a range of social, transport and recreational reasons.

Bicycle lanes and shared pathways provide many benefits, including:

  • Encouraging healthy lifestyles;
  • Improved community health and wellbeing of residents;
  • A sustainable alternative transport system;
  • Contributing to reducing traffic congestion, noise, and  air pollution caused by cars;
  • Improved access and sociability within communities;
  • An important recreational activity.

Increasing the visibility and safety of cycling and walking throughout the Shire will help to encourage the use of bicycles and shared pathways and improve the quality of life of the local community.

See The Entrance Coast-to-Lake Walk, a particularly popular Shire attraction.

Are you going for a bicycle ride? Before you start, here are some tips in our Safe Cycling Checklist to help keep you safe!