Parks and Playspaces

Parks and play spaces are valuable recreational facilities which are provided and maintained by Council for the benefit of the Community.  Council ensures that these parks and play spaces are safe and offer a variety of activities that contribute to a healthy and active life-style. There are 140 parks across the Shire that contain traditional play equipment and associated softfall and park facilities.  The remaining parks provide opportunity for unstructured play activity and enjoyment of the outdoors.

Play Spaces-What are they?

Play spaces are outdoor public areas where the activity of play occurs within a defined area – usually a public park, reserve or urban space. A play space can have play equipment, sculptural or natural explorative features that promote play activities or a combination of all these elements.  A major distinction and greatest benefit of a play space is the unstructured, imaginative activity that occurs, as opposed to organised sports or games that are generally undertaken in formal settings.

To find a play space near you, use the park sport and recreation finder

Why do we have them?

The purpose of public play spaces is to engage children in active outdoor play. Outdoor play is an important learning activity for young people as it develops an understanding of self, the child’s abilities, other people and the environment. It promotes social interaction, aids in the development of motor skills and provides an opportunity to stimulate a child’s senses in an outdoor environment.  Physical activities are good for health burn energy and the space provided by the outdoor environment allows the freedom for big movements like running, kicking, jumping, and throwing

Types of Play Spaces

Council values these public play spaces and has developed a hierarchy that provides a wide variety of activities ranging from local to regional.  The establishment of a hierarchy of play spaces ensures greater play value and the provision of a variety of play experiences across the Shire, thereby avoiding the repetitive monotony of same play equipment.
The hierarchy consists of:

  1. Natural Play Spaces
  2. Local Play Spaces
  3. District Play Spaces
  4. Regional Play Spaces

A suite of fact sheets has been developed which explains the different types of play spaces that Council provides, and what can be expected when visiting one of these spaces.

How Council Manages Play Spaces

Wyong Shire Council has developed a Play Space Management Program to provide a framework for the management and ongoing improvement and maintenance of Council’s play spaces. The Play Space Management Program consists of a long term program of works that will see all of Council’s play spaces repaired, upgraded or replaced over a 20 year renewal cycle. 
The provision and management of traditional Play spaces is governed by a number of Australian Standards which ensure they are safe.  These play spaces are inspected on a quarterly basis, and maintained to ensure compliance and demonstrate Council’s commitment to managing risk.