Managing bush fires

The motto, 'Be Prepared' is important in managing bush fires.

To this end, Wyong Shire Council  works to lessen the impact of fires by: 

  • Maintaining about 47 kilometresof Asset Protection Zones (buffer zones) to minimise fire risk adjacent to Council land.
  • Maintaining fire trails on Council land
  • Hazard reduction burns, planned and carried out with the NSW Rural Fire Service and Fire and Rescue NSW.
  • Providing  bush fire information in areas identified as being at risk.
  • Implementing development controls to minimise the impact of bushfires on new development and additions in bush fire prone areas.

See the Wyong Shire Bush Fire Risk Management Plan and how it may affect you.

As well, read all about the plan; its aims; origins; and path to completion.

Reporting a bush fire hazard

To alert us to a bush fire hazard on Council land, fill out this form  to place a service request. All bush fire hazard complaints go to the NSW Rural Fire Service for independent assessment.

To alert someone to a bush fire hazard located on private property, contact:

The Lakes Team
Wyong Fire Control Centre
105 Arizona Rd, Charmhaven, NSW, 2263
Ph: (02) 4394 3100

Alternatively you can fill out an online Bush Fire Hazard Complaint Form.


  • Asset Protection Zone (APZ) - a buffer zone between a bushfire hazard and an asset. This zone is managed to reduce fuel loads and provide access for emergency  vehicles.
  • Fire trails - trails constructed to provide access for fire management purposes.
  • Hazard reduction burns - burning vegetation for strategic bush fire management.