Sustainability at home

There are many things you can do in and around your home to make your life more sustainable and save money. Council together with the Hunter Central Coast Regional Environmental Management Strategy group (HCCREMS) have put together some brochures to help you at home reduce waste, live more sustainably and help save money and time.

They cover such topics as making good environmental choices, fair-trade, product eco-labelling, energy and water efficient appliances, residential rebates, choosing a service provider for energy efficiency in your home.

Did you know household rebates are available on the purchase and installation of rainwater tanks, hot water systems/solar heating, ceiling insulation and water efficient washing machines? 

Selecting the right service provider can make all the difference to your satisfaction and the overall performance of the final product.


Power usage metering kits

Residents of Wyong Shire now have FREE access to Power Usage Meters providing the tools to help households conduct a home energy assessment.

Measure your electricity usage - save money and the environment 

The Power Usage Meter is a simple handheld devise used to measure the electricity consumption and running costs of electrical appliances. The device calculates how much money it costs you to run your appliances for every hour, quarter or year.

By borrowing a power meter you can do a self assessment of your electrical appliances. This will help you pinpoint high energy consuming appliances and provide you with information on how much each appliance costs to run. By better understanding your energy consumption you can learn to make simple changes, potentially saving several hundred dollars a year and tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions.

For further information on Power Meter Kits visit the HCCREMS website.

So simple to use

Did you know your dryer could be costing you $60 a year in electricity costs and could be releasing up to 500kg of greenhouse gas emissions each year. Residents of Wyong Shire now have free access to Power Usage Meters providing the tools to help households conduct a home energy assessment. Each meter comes with an instruction pack and information on the best methods to use it.

The unit can even calculate the power used by appliances, like TV’s, that use standby power. Standby power is nearly 10% of household energy consumption. Just by turning appliances off at the wall, households can save around $100 per year.

Energy Reduction kits are free to borrow from Tuggerah (02 4353 5666) and Lake Haven (02 4392 7843) libraries.

For more information please contact the Environmental Education Section on 02 4350 5555.