Mardi Landfill remediation

Wyong Shire Council is converting the old Mardi landfill into a safe, grassed open area, with shared pathways.

Next steps in developing the 7.5 hectare site are finalising an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) and a development application, which will be exhibited for comment.

Answers to questions

The two gates off McPherson Road are currently proposed to be locked at all times, but pedestrians and cyclists will be able to get through.  If this is an issue for you, please raise it when the application is exhibited.

There are parking areas in this proposal, because the low-key facility is expected to be used mainly by Mardi residents. Additional facilities and the need for parking may be considered later.  Council will determine what additional facilities, if any, will go on the site in the future.

Fill for the work will be trucked to the sitefrom both Johnson Road and Old Maitland Road directions. Council will manage any necessary road repairs as part of normal maintenance. A traffic impact assessment has been done and heavy vehicles will be spread over the day, so they don't affect  peak traffic.  Again, concern can be raised when the application is exhibited.

SMEC Australia Pty Ltd has been engaged to design landfill remediation. Half  the eastern batter behind Riveroak Drive properties won't require work as there's no waste. The surface of the other half will be reshaped, covered with compacted capping clay and topsoil before being landscaped.

If asbestos happens to be found during the works,  an appropriately licenced specialist will be engaged to remove it.  Council staff are continually observing the site for surface asbestos.

The site will have a stormwater pond west of the landfill and the surface will be graded away from properties. There'll also be surface drains at the rear of the properties to take local runoff around the landfill  to the pond. The site will be planted with native, drought-resistant grasses and plants.Trail bikes will be prohibited. Security cameras are currently located  on the site and these will continue.

There will always be comeone available as a point of contact for the project although that person may change as the project moves through its future stages. Contact will initially be made through Council's Customer Contact team.

Keep up to date

  1. See the full list of questions and answers from the recent community meeting doc format Questions and answers (57.00 KB)
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  4. You can also provide a written submission on the development application.