Tuggerah Lakes estuary

The Tuggerah Lakes estuary is a unique environment and is rich in biodiversity.

Over the years the natural function and condition of the estuary has been influenced by many different human activities taking place around the foreshores and throughout the catchment. 

Land clearing and landuse change, loss of important natural filters (streambank, wetland and saltmarsh vegetation), changed water flows, more pollutants, nutrients and sediment reaching the lakes and extensive foreshore modifications have all contributed to the changes we see in the lakes today – such as, fewer native seagrass beds, more frequent algal blooms, increased amounts of smelly “ooze” around the foreshores and an overall loss of habitat and amenity value for native plants, animals and the community.

In response to community concerns, Wyong Shire Council developed the Tuggerah Lakes Estuary Management Plan (EMP) following years of scientific study.

The EMP aims to rehabilitate the Tuggerah Lakes estuary and its catchment to a point where it can effectively maintain itself.

Since its development the EMP has been supported by a $20 million Australian Government Caring for our Country grant (2008-2013) and more recently a $3.25 million Australian Government National Landcare Programme grant (2014-2017). These grants have and will continue to assist in implementing actions from the EMP.

Visit the Love Our Living Lakes website to find out more.

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