Economic strategy

Central Coast Regional Plan 2036

The Central Coast Regional Plan 2036 is a 20-year blueprint for the future of the Central Coast. 

Economic Development Strategy 2014-2039

In 2014, the former Wyong Shire Council endorsed a 25-year economic development strategy for the northern area of the Central Coast with a clear vision and framework for stimulating a prosperous sustainable economy. Take a closer look at our economic roadmap.

Regional Economic Development and Employment Strategy (REDES) program

Council's strategy ties in with the Regional Economic Development and Employment Strategy (REDES) managed by Regional Development Australia Central Coast. You can find the full REDES document on RDA CC's website.

2030 Community Strategy

 All of our economic development activity fits within the overall Community Vision for the Shire to be a caring, sustainable and prosperous community, outlined in the 2030 Community Strategic Plan.  This strategy will be implemented by all levels of government and other organisations with the community.

Employment Lands Study and Industrial Audit

The former Wyong Shire LGA area (now part of the Central Coast LGA area) is projected to require 27,000 more jobs over the next 25 years to meet the employment targets set by the NSW State Government.  To ensure existing and future employment lands are suitable to meet future needs we undertook an Employment Lands Study and Industrial Audit - the study was conducted by SGS Economics and Planning and the majority of the study was funded under the NSW State Government’s Planning Reform Fund.

Local Environment Plan

In 2013 the NSW Government officially endorsed the new Wyong Local Environmental Plan (LEP), which will guide development in the Shire over the next 25 years.  It is the first major update of our planning instrument since 1991 and one of the most significant documents that Council has ever produced.

North Wyong Shire Structure Plan

This plan was developed in October 2012 and is a high level landuse strategy to guide ongoing development and planning for infrastructure and services for the North Wyong Shire area.  The 2008 Central Coast Regional Strategy identifies that the majority of the Central Coast’s new greenfield residential development and all of the region’s greenfield employment development to 2031 will locate in the northern part of Wyong LGA. This area will have the capacity for almost 17,000 new dwellings and between 12,150 and 17,100 new jobs to 2031. Read the full North Wyong Shire Structure Plan here.

Other plans, reports and strategies

For more information on Wyong Shire's Strategic Plans, Annual Plan and most recent Annual Reports go to our Publications page.

Demographics and employment trends

See Wyong’s workforce and employment trends and how this could help your business.