Economic Development Strategy

As one of the the fastest growing local government areas in NSW, the Central Coast is working hard to create the jobs, infrastructure and housing needed to support our population over the next two decades.

In 2014, the former Wyong Shire Council endorsed pdf format Wyong Shire Economic Development Strategy - 2014-2039  (3.15 MB) after working with leading organisations, industry and the NSW Government.

The Strategy provides a 25-year vision and positive framework to guide and encourage diverse and sustainable economic development in Wyong Shire through to 2039. It aims to broaden and diversify local industry and deliver jobs, opportunities and lifestyle advantages for local residents and business.

The Strategy outlines the key focus areas and actions that the Council, other levels of Government, industry and the community will work on to create a strong economic future.

It shows the key catalyst projects and the detailed five year actions and programs that will stimulate economic growth and create a cultural, social and economic powerhouse on the NSW Central Coast.

Economic Development Strategy 2014 coverThe action plans will be progressively updated and reviewed to allow the Strategy to remain a dynamic future oriented plan.

Critically, this is not something Council will deliver on its own; there will be strong collaboration and a partnership approach to deliver on this strategy, which also aligns with the Wyong Shire Community Strategic Plan 2030.  Delivery partners will include business, industry, government and the broader community.