Public and environmental health

Council works with  owners and conducts inspections to promote safety and protect public health and the environment at businesses such as hairdressers, beauty salons, skin penetrations premises, swimming pools and mortuaries.

Before setting up such a business, or when significantly altering an existing one, contact Council to check requirements, including  treatment of liquid trade waste, the need for a development application and any planning issues. Find out more about operating food premises, or hair dressers, skin penetration and beauty salons,  either a public swimming or spa pools or funeral homes.


If you have a complaint against a food business, or a public health premises, including beauty salons, public swimming pools or funeral homes, call Customer Contact on (02) 4350 5555.

Council’s Environmental Health Officer’s respond to complaints about poor hygiene and handling, food contamination, food found to contain foreign objects, unclean premises, and poor practice. Food borne illness can be reported to the NSW Food Authority Contact Centre on 1300 552 406. Complaints can be referred between the NSW Food Authority and local councils. Referral means the most appropriate organisation investigates.