Warnervale Town Centre

The Warnervale Town Centre (WTC) has been identified as a future centre within the Central Coast that will help manage growth in population, employment requirements and retail demand.

The Warnervale Town Centre is approximately 119 hectares and bounded by Hakone Road to the North, Hiawatha Road to the east, Sparks Road to the South and extends west of the Great Northern Railway Line to include land that is owned by the NSW Department of Planning and Infrastructure, adjacent to the Sydney-Newcastle Railway.

What is Warnervale Town Centre?

The Warnervale Town Centre site was rezoned to create approximately 15 hectares for retail and commercial uses, and 64 hectares for residential uses. The remainder of the site has been rezoned open space, conservation and special activities; including an 8 hectare nature reserve that is being created primarily to protect the Commonwealth listed Heath Wrinklewort.

The town centre will also include housing for approximately 3,600 residents.  It is anticipated to create a diversity of housing choice to accommodate people in all stages of their lives, including mixed used development, medium to high density residential flat buildings (located close to the railway station and commercial core) and smaller dwellings.

Timing of these facilities depends on development of the area, and, in some cases, the availability of funding (Section 94 funds) to assist in paying for construction.

At what stage is the Town Centre?

A revised version of the Development Control Plan (DCP) for the Warnervale Town Centre was gazetted by the Department of Planning and Infrastructure in September 2012.

See the current DCP for details.


Additional Information

Additional information can be obtained from the following sources:

All development enquiries are to be directed to Council’s Duty Planner on (02) 4350 5555.