Warnervale Town Centre

The State Government has predicted that by 2031 the Central Coast will have an additional 100,000 residents, and this will require around 45,000 more jobs (as outlined in the Central Coast Regional Strategy).  

Within this strategy the Warnervale Town Centre (WTC) has been identified as a future centre within Wyong Shire that will help manage this growth in population, employment requirements and retail demand.

The Warnervale Town Centre is approximately 119 hectares and bounded by Hakone Road to the North, Hiawatha Road to the east, Sparks Road to the South and extends west of the Great Northern Railway Line to include land that is owned by the NSW Department of Planning and Infrastructure, adjacent to the Sydney-Newcastle Railway.

Check out the latest edition of the pdf format Warnervale Town Centre Newsletter (409.66 KB) here (January 2014)

What is Warnervale Town Centre?

The Warnervale Town Centre site was rezoned to create approximately 15 hectares for retail and commercial uses, and 64 hectares for residential uses. The remainder of the site has been rezoned open space, conservation and special activities; including an 8 hectare nature reserve that is being created primarily to protect the Commonwealth listed Heath Wrinklewort.

 Warnervale Town Centre will be focused on a vibrant main street that provides access to all the principal activities within the town centre.  It has been designed with people in mind and will contain a balance of shopping, community facilities, entertainment facilities and open space. The town centre will include:

  • A library/knowledge centre that incorporates a range of community functions
  • A focus on a mix of retail commercial and residential areas including cafes, restaurants and entertainment facilities on the main street
  • Transport upgrades including a new major railway station including bus interchange and commuter carpark, new roads, cycleways, footpaths and more public transport
  • Employment opportunities for approximately 1,200 people in retail, commercial and bulky goods sectors
  • Open space and conservations areas.
  • An Indoor Recreation Centre.

The town centre will also include housing for approximately 3,600 residents.  It is anticipated to create a diversity of housing choice to accommodate people in all stages of their lives, including mixed used development, medium to high density residential flat buildings (located close to the railway station and commercial core) and smaller dwellings.

Timing of these facilities depends on development of the area, and, in some cases, the availability of funding (Section 94 funds) to assist in paying for construction.

At what stage is the town centre?

On 7 November 2008, an amendment (Amendment No.24) to the SEPP (Major Developments) 2005 was gazetted to incorporate the Warnervale Town Centre as a State Significant Site (SSS).  On 21 September, 2012, following extensive consultation, this classification was repealed and the zoning controls for the site were returned to the Wyong LEP, 1991 and subsequently to the Wyong LEP 2013.  As a result, Wyong Shire Council has become the consent authority for all development applications in the Warnervale Town Centre.

The Wyong LEP 2013 includes 8 new land use zones applying to the site, as follows:

  1. Zone R1 General Residential.
  2. Zone B2 Local Centre. 
  3. Zone B4 Mixed Use. 
  4. Zone SP2 Infrastructure.
  5. Zone RE1 Public Recreation. 
  6. Zone E2 Environmental Conservation.
  7. Zone E3 Environmental Management.

A revised version of the Development Control Plan (DCP) for the Warnervale Town Centre was gazetted by the Department of Planning and Infrastructure in September 2012. Council aims to integrate the Department's DCP into the Wyong DCP 2013.  The revised DCP is the result of changes to the road layout, precinct boundaries and land uses following requests from landowners.

The final DCP was gazetted by the Department of Planning and Infrastructure in September 2012  pdf format Warnervale Town Centre DCP 2012 (4.67 MB).

Completed developments

Council will play a key role in attracting commercial offices and corporations to the area.  Council has already attracted a $100 million Woolworths Ltd. Distribution centre west of the Warnervale Town Centre in the Wyong Employment Zone.

The construction of the GP Super Clinic Medical Centre was completed in October 2012 and opened for business November 2012.

Work in progress

Works that are critical to the Warnervale Town Centre development are currently being designed and/or constructed. These include:

Sparks Road Intersection is currently being designed by the NSW Road and Maritime Services (RMS); the Woolworths Residential, Commercial and Retail development was approved by the Department of Planning and Infrastructure (DoP&I) in September 2013; sewer and water trunk main infrastructure is in tender and construction stages by Council; the Hill Top Park and Community Hub (Knowledge Centre) projects began design and community engagement processes in the first half of 2013; and the Warnervale Town Centre Section 94 Contribution Plan was displayed on public exhibition December 2011 – January 2012.  Councillors revised the Contribution Plan based on the community submissions and the final report was adopted at Council on 21 December, 2013

Future developments

Warnervale Town Centre Railway Station

North Warnervale Railway Station will be constructed by Railcorp adjacent to the Warnervale Town Centre, in order to best utilise the transport links to the site.  The railway station will be located approximately 1.5km north of the existing Warnervale station. 

No decision has been made by the State Government as to whether the existing station will continue to operate, once North Warnervale Railway Station is operational.

The draft Central Coast Transportation Strategy states that construction of the new railway station will be completed by 2016.

Additional Information

Additional information can be obtained from the following sources:

All development enquiries are to be directed to Council’s Duty Planner on (02) 4350 5546.