Wyong Employment Zone (WEZ)

Current Status

Wyong Employment Zone (WEZ) is a key economic and industrial zoned area in the north of the Central Coast, around the Warnervale area.

The WEZ aims to attract and accommodate the needs of big firms and new forms of industry to help boost jobs.  The zone aims to accommodate creation of about 6,000 jobs and $1.5 billion in investment.

‚ÄčIt is estimated that 1,500 new jobs need to be created annually on the Central Coast to keep pace with our population growth. Currently one-third of the workforce commutes outside the area.

The Sydney-Newcastle Motorway and Sparks Road interchange, upgraded in 2013 by the NSW Government, cut through the WEZ. It is bounded by Porters Creek Wetland to the south and Hue Hue Road to the west and encompasses the existing Warnervale Business Park and the Central Coast Airport. It covers about 750 hectares, with around 340 hectares proposed for development. The remainder is for conservation and water management.

WEZ has a number of attractive assets for firms including:

  • Access to infrastructure including the M1Sydney-to-Newcastle motorway and rail network
  • Appropriately sized lots
  • Safe business and living environments
  • Opportunity to provide clustering of developments
  • Economies of co-location

Release of WEZ Documents

In 2018 Central Coast Council resolved to proactively release background documentation on the Wyong Employment Zone.  This document has been released pursuant to the Council Report and the subsequent resolution made on this matter at the 12 February 2018 Ordinary Council Meeting in relation to the Proactive Release of the WEZ documents (please note that the consultation period mentioned in this document is now closed).


WEZ investigations commenced in late 2005 and it was declared a State Significant Site mid 2006 to speed up the rezoning process.

The new zones for the WEZ are consistent with the NSW Government Standard Instrument zones, adopted by Council in the Wyong Shire Local Environmental Plan 2013.

The adopted land zones for the WEZ are:

  • IN1 – General Industrial;
  • E2 – Environmental Conservation;
  • SP2 – Utility (gas); &
  • SP2 – Drainage.

Development Control Plan 2005 – Draft Chapter 88 – Wyong Employment Zone has been created to guide and promote development for the site.

Where to from here?

Environmental conservation and infrastructure zoned land will be obtained by direct purchase, legal agreement or part of contribution agreements. Some land may be required for roads and services.

Contact Council on (02) 4350 5555 for enquires about purchasing land. For development enquiries, contact the Duty Planner on (02) 4350 5546.

Take a look at the doc format Wyong Employment Zone Fact Sheet (2.73 MB) for detailed maps.