Get Involved

Want to get involved in your community?

Be part of our decision making process, connect with community networks or volunteer your time to a worthy cause- you can do it all here!

You'll find a range of ways you can get involved across the community in the left hand menu, or follow the links below.

Find your voice:

We have a range of ways to share your opinions, ideas and provide feedback on a range of projects, issues and plans for the future.

Your Voice - Our Coast

Council's 24/7 consultation hub  is a great way to stay up to date and have your say on our current and upcoming projects and plans.

Visit Your Voice - Your Coast to see all current, upcoming and closed consultations.

Community ThinkTank

Live, work or do business on the Central Coast? Interested in getting involved in an online community group?

Then we'd love you to join our new Community ThinkTank, helping Council make more informed decisions on a range of issues.

See the CommunityThinkTank page for all the key details and more information on how to join.

Volunteer your time:

Volunteering provides you with the opportunity to learn new things, gain practical hands on experience and meet new people- all while making a difference in your community.

If you are young and have some free time, there’s no better way to impress potential employers than having volunteer work on your CV.

Seniors may find volunteering to be a satisfying activity that contributes to staying active and being involved.

Everyone benefits from volunteer work.