Community Engagement

Council is always willing to both listen to and value what community members have to say.

Through proactive community engagement, we aim to use the collective ideas, knowledge and skills of our community to enhance our decision making.

We engage with our community through a range of committees, organisations, services and other channels to ensure all people of the Central Coast have access to information and better understanding of the issues and challenges confronting the region and the Council.

Committees of Council

Council relies on the expertise of its formal committees

  • Audit and Risk Committee
  • Economic and Employment Development Committee
  • Tuggerah Lakes Estuary, Coastal and Floodplain Management Committee
  • Traffic Committee

Advisory groups

These are groups which, although not formal committees of Council, perform an advisory role

  • Grants advisory group
  • Beach liaison advisory group
  • Senior Citizens advisory group
  • Status of women advisory group

Chambers of commerce and industry

Council meets and discusses issues with the Chambers of commerce and Industry on a regular basis.

Contacting Councillors

Councillors are elected to represent the community. Everyone is welcome to raise concerns or suggest ideas to any Councillor regardless of the ward in which they live.

Customer compliments and complaints

We welcome your feedback under our Community Feedback and Complaint Management Policy

Items on public exhibition/development applications

We advertise weekly in the major local newspaper and list upcoming development applications and consents, as well as items on public exhibition.

Residents forum before council meetings

A Residents Forum is held when required, between 4:30pm and 5.00pm on the same day as each Ordinary Meeting.

All requests to address the forum will be forwarded to the Mayor for consideration.  Requests will be received up until close of business on the Monday before the scheduled Ordinary Meeting. The Forum will be cancelled if there are no requests to speak.

Community ThinkTank

Community ThinkTank is the voice of the community across a range of Council initiatives. Members receive direct links to surveys, partipate in online discussions, receive invitations to Council events as well as other relevant information online.