My Community

Community is all about a sense of belonging.

To help promote this community spirit and support residents as much as possible, Wyong Shire Council provides a variety of services, programs and useful information.

There’s a lot happening, but Wyong Shire is a happening place!

Community & Cultural Development

Wyong Shire Council is committed to working with residents and community groups and organisations to build strong, resourceful and resilient communities.  The Community & Cultural Development Unit aims to build community capacity while enhancing the knowledge, skills and quality of life of all residents.  We strive for equity and inclusiveness and encourage innovation and enterprise.

To meet these aims we provide:

  • planning for the current and future needs and aspirations of our community
  • innovative programs and services to increase social, cultural & economic participation and build individual and community capacity
  • quality education programs which engage the community to achieve meaningful outcomes (focused on raising awareness and changing attitudes and behaviours)
  • management and maintenance of a network of community facilities that deliver access to a diverse range of affordable and coordinated programs and services
  • management, guidance and support of a range of community events, grants and committees throughout the shire.