Blue Haven Community Centre

In 2008, Wyong Shire Council embarked on a collaborative art project with the surrounding community at the Blue Haven Community Centre.

The project

There are six different community artworks in the grounds and buildings that make up the project titled ‘Gathering the Threads’ at the Blue Haven Community Centre.

Out of the six artworks the most well known is the ‘Ball of Friendship’ that ended up weighing in at an impressive 8 kilos with a girth of 128cm. 

The project was done over a period of eight months with 2500 people from San Remo, Blue Haven and Northlakes each adding a piece of string.

Temri is the artwork that begins at the entrance to the centre and runs through the grassed area to the front of the main building, relating directly to the Ball of Friendship.  It consists of weaving concrete threads and large concrete balls.

Other artworks within the centre are ‘Patchwork’, a patchwork made using timber and found objects, located in the foyer of the main building. This work was made in collaboration with the Blue Haven Craft group and is a testament to ‘we think you are mad but let’s give it a go’.

There are several mosaics including a picnic table made with young people and parents and a series of three paintings designed and executed by members of Links Youth.

Additional information

For further information please contact Community Partnerships and Planning on 02 4350 5555 or email us.