Jilliby Cemetery

Opened in 1896, this general cemetery is open to the public.

A general and lawn cemetery, it is divided into seven burial areas

  • General section    
  • Roman Catholic   
  • Anglican    
  • Presbyterian     
  • Methodist    
  • Muslim
  • Baha’i

Headstones and tributes

A concrete beam has been constructed to hold approved headstones in the lawn cemetery. Council is not responsible for maintaining headstones or memorials.

Floral tributes are restricted to the concrete beam next to each headstone. Ornaments, crosses, statues, icons, vases or other items are not allowed on the lawn and flowers, shrubs grass or trees cannot be planted at a gravesite or elsewhere in the lawn cemetery.

Return to the Cemeteries and Memorial Garndens page to download required application forms.

Jilliby Memorial Gardens

Jilliby Cemetery’s Garden of Memory and Garden of Reflection provide timber memorial pillars for the placement of ashes. Each timber pillar allows for the placement of up to two ash containers and bronze memorial plaques are affixed to the pillar.
Council’s Bereavement Officers are available to facilitate ash and plaque placement at an arranged time Monday to Friday. Family and friends are welcome to be present and may choose to hold a memorial service at this time.