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HSC Workshop 6 September 2017

Join us for some pizza as expert HSC tutor Rowan Kunz provides some helpful tips in the preparation of the HSC exams. 

This free workshop will be held at Tuggerah Library on Wednesday 6 September
from 5.30pm to 7pm.

Topics covered will be: 

  •  How to review your trial HSC exam performance to improve your preparation for the HSC
  •  How to organise and prioritise your study to ensure you prepare for all subjects
  •  How to structure your time effectively so you can learn more in less time
  •  How to boost memory retention in the four weeks prior to your HSC
  •  How to utilise past exams and practice essays
  •  How to manage your time during an exam
  •  How to reduce stress levels in the lead up to exams

For further information or to book a place, please call 4350 1560.

Looking for a tutor?

yourtutor is a free online tutoring service that allows students to obtain homework help from trained professionals each weekday from 3 pm to 10 pm Sunday to Friday during school term. Topics covered include English, Maths, Science, Business and Commerce, Study skills and Assignment Help.

Looking for 'Discovery'?

Just go to our catalogue and type 'HSC Discovery' in Subject.

Supplementary material on a range of topics such as Asylum seekers, immigration, bullying and more can can be found on our database Points of View as well as in our eBooks- look for Issues in Society.

Looking for 'Belonging'?

You can find books covering the Higher School Certificate English theme of 'Belonging' from our online library catalogue

Looking for 'Personal Interest Projects'?

Lake Haven and Tuggerah Libraries have a selection of projects that have been considered 'best practice' for you to look at. These items must be read in the Library and cannot be copied.

Looking for Legal Studies info?

Check out find legal answers - a State Library initiative with great info.

Looking for PDHPE info?

Check out drug info at your library- a State Library initiative with great info

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