Community Facilities Strategy

The Strategy has given Council a clearer picture of how its 100 community facilities, like halls, seniors centres, surf clubs, libraries, child care centres, and recreation facililities, are being used as well as their condition.

Adopted in 2011-12 after a process that included surveys of service providers, user groups and 355 Management Committees, the document is designed to guide how these type of facilities are provided, developed and managed in the longer term.

Thanks to a new Community Facilities Strategy adopted in 2011-2012, Council has a much clearer picture of the usage, condition and operation of its 100 community facilities.  To develop the Strategy, Wyong’s halls, community centres,youth centres, senior’s centres, arts centres, recreation centres, surf clubs, libraries and childcare centres were assessed to identify which were being well used and whether improvements were needed. 

Development of the strategy included a cross-disciplinary effort with Council staff from community and recreation services, finance, properties and IT, as well as surveys of service providers, user groups and 355 management committees.

The Strategy provides a strategic framework to guide the sustainable provision, development and management of facilities over the longer term to better meet the needs and expectations of the community.

Download the  pdf format Community Facilities Strategy Summary Report (4.14 MB) (June 2012)