Register an Event

We welcome you to register not-for-profit or charity events that take place within the Central Coast Local Government Area on this event listing.

Private or for-profit events will only be approved if they can clearly demonstrate a broad community benefit, which will be determined on a case by case basis at the discretion of Council. Please allow for up to two weeks for processing.

Your event may not be listed if it:

  • conflicts with Council's vision and values, policies or legal responsibilities
  • affects Council's ability to carry out its functions
  • promotes politicians, political parties or a political view
  • does not demonstrate a broad community benefit
  • has a religious or sectarian purpose, which may exclude or offend members of the broader community
  • is determined the event could negatively affect Council's public image or reputation.
  • causes a conflict of interest

Care is taken to make sure event listings are correct, however, responsibility for accuracy lies with the individual or organisation that has registered the event. You may also be required to provide additional material.

The publication of all items on the Event’s calendar is at the discretion of Central Coast Council.

By listing events on the website, Council is not necessarily endorsing the event or products.

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