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What is graffiti?

Graffiti vandalism is any writing or drawing placed on private or public property or structures without the consent of the property owner. Graffiti can occur as political statements, slurs, slogans, jokes or individual marks.

Click the links below to find out more about reporting, removing and preventing graffiti in your area and on your property.


We encourage the community to report all graffiti incidences that occur on as soon as possible.  Make sure you take a photo before you remove the graffiti for the police as it may be required for further investigation.  Who do I report to for removal and how do I report to Council?


Rapid removal is conisdered best practice in combating graffiti.  The longer it remains, the more attention it gets and the more difficult it can be to remove.  Find out about removal and our free Graffiti Removal Kits.


There are various ways that the community can help to prevent graffiti through good design, simple changes and new innovations.  Would you like to know some tips and tricks?

Nominate a local ledgend for the Toukley community mural

Central Coast Council is currently producing a community mural in the Toukley Neighbourhood Centre precinct, Heador Street, Toukley. The mural project is intended to reduce the blank canvas for graffiti offenders while connecting the community and improving community pride.

The theme for the mural is “Local Legends” with the community nominating local legends to be incorporated into the mural design.

You might know a community member who has contributed positively to the Greater Toukley area or know a local landmark, event or story that you would like to nominate. Simply check that your local legend fits the criteria on the nomination form (PDF or Word) and complete.

Nominations for Local Legends must be received by COB Friday 16th December, 2016 and completed forms can be emailed to or posted to PO Box 20, Wyong NSW 2259.

Graffiti removal day

The Rotarty members participating in Graffiti Removal Day with their paint rollers.NSW Government have established a state-wide graffiti removal and prevention day known as 'Graffiti Removal Day'.   The aim of Graffiti Removal Day is to highlight the problem of graffiti and encourage people to volunteer their time to remove and prevent graffiti.

Graffiti Removal Day will take place on Sunday 30 October 2016.

Nominate a site or volunteer to help on the day here.



FREE Graffiti Removal Kits

Council is providing FREE Graffiti Removal Kits to the northern residents of the Central Coast.  You can pick one up from Council's Civic Centre in Wyong or from any of the Central Coast Council North libraries

You will need the right kit for the job.  Blue kit is for brick, stone, unpainted concrete etc.  Green kit is for painted surfaces such as painted concrete and colourbond fencing.  In the kit you will receive graffiti remover, protective eyewear, gloves and a scrubbing brush.

Graffiti Removal Trailer

Wyong Regional Chamber of Commerce has partnered with Rotary Club of Wyong Tuggerah to establish The Wyong Tuggerah Graffiti Squad.  The squad uses a fully equipped trailer and volunteers to remove graffiti.  If you would like more information contact WRCoC on 4352 2643 or email them.

Graffiti Management Strategy

The Graffiti Managment Strategy 2015 identifies the principles for the managment of graffiti and aims to facilitate a proactive, community approach for the prevention, management and reduction of graffiti in Central Coast North.

Graffiti Register

To meet the requirements of the Graffiti Control Act 2008 a monthly record/list of graffiti removed from Council assets by Council staff will be placed on the website in the form of a Graffiti Register.

Do you know this person?

The Police and Council’s greatest asset in getting on top of graffiti and vandalism in the Shire is community information. We believe engaging our community to assist is the best way forward to eradicate this anti-social behaviour in our community.  Help us identify the perpetrator's in these images.