Learning Community Strategy


Former Wyong Shire's 'Learning Community Strategy' is an exciting and innovative document that reflects the importance of learning and commits Council and key partners to drive and implement learning goals, objectives, strategies and action plans.

 Former Wyong Shire is characterised by a combination of many complex social, economic, education and employment issues such as low school retention rates low educational attainment, high unemployment and low wages; and poor attitudes to learning. These issues are closely linked and have a significant impact on the current and future quality of life of our residents.

The Learning Community Strategy is the framework for partnership and collaboration in widening learning opportunities and achieving improved learning outcomes for residents.

Recognising the value of learning

 A community that aspires to be a learning community recognises the value of learning, and its influence on improving the social, economic and cultural life of the community. A learning community prioritises and focuses on learning to improve quality of life for all its residents.

 Learning should be seen as an investment in the economic, social and cultural sustainability of the region. The skills and knowledge of a community greatly contribute to its social and economic strengths.

A more highly educated community should create income generating opportunities, as well as generating employment opportunities from the range of businesses attracted to the area by a skilled workforce.  It will also have a positive impact on the Shire’s social fabric via improvements in community connectedness, civic participation, wellbeing and quality of life.

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