Paint the Central Coast REaD


Paint the Town REaD

Paint the Town REaD is a national initiative that aims to assist local communities to develop the literacy skills of the before school aged children within their local communities. 

More than 20% of Australian children arrive at school without the skills necessary to make the most of their early education. Research shows that no matter how good their subsequent teaching, these children can fall further and further behind. They may struggle with literacy, employment, health and happiness for the rest of their lives.

Paint the Town REaD works to overcome this by motivating communities across Australia to read, talk,sing and rhyme with their children so they're ready to learn to read and write at school.

Here is more information about the national program.

Paint the Central Coast REaD

Central Coast Council's Library and Education and Care services are taking part by hosting Paint the Central Coast REaD. 

Council is encouraging all Central Coast parents to participate with their children by attending a range of events that will be hosted at libraries and childcare centres all over the region throughout September and October.

The story so far...

In late August a giant mystery egg was found by a Council Environmental Education Officer in the dry creek bed in Kibble Park. He brought it to Gosford Library for safe keeping and told library staff the egg needs to be safe, warm and have lots of books read to it. 

This was such a big responsibility and while the library staff had plenty of books on hand, they required help with all the reading that was needed to make sure a happy healthy baby animal would hatch from the giant mystery egg.

So they called in the help of all Central Coast children and their mums and dads, to help read to the egg and name the baby animal when it hatches. The mystery egg will be travelling around council childcare centres and libraries over the next few weeks. You will be easily able to spot it by its warm, red scarf, it will be on display in a safe area for the duration of the visit.

Egg_Thumbnail.jpg  Reading_Thumbnail.jpg

Follow the journey of the egg:

The egg will be spending a couple of days at each of the below locations so that all Central Coast children have a chance to read to the egg before it hatches!

Gosford Library: 31 Aug - 6 Sept
Toukley Library: 4 Sept - 6 Sept
Northlakes Child Care: 7 sept - 12 Sept
Niagra Park Child Care: 7 Sept -12 Sept
Lake Haven Library: 13 Sept - 15 Sept
Umina Child Care: 13 Sept - 18 Sept
Kanwal Child Care: 18 Sept-20 Sept
Umina Library:19 Sept - 22 Sept
Tuggerah Library: 21 Sept - 27 Sept
Terrigal Child Care: 25 Sept - 27 Sept
Toukley Child Care: 28 Sept - 4 Oct
Erina Library: 28 Sept - 4 Oct
Woy Woy Library: 5 Oct - 9 Oct
The Entrance Library: 5 Oct - 10 Oct
Kariong Library: 10 Oct - 11 Oct
Wyong Child Care: 11 Oct - 13 Oct
Kariong Child Care: 12 Oct - 16 Oct
Bateau Bay Library: 16 Oct - 19 Oct
Kincumber Library: 17 Oct - 19 Oct
Gosford Library: 20 Oct-21 Oct

The Hatching

Our experts predict the egg will likely hatch on Saturday 21 October at the Central Coast Kids Film Festival so make sure you get mum and dad to put that date on the fridge!