Roads and drainage

Council manages many Roads and Drainage assets. A summary of these is presented below.

An inspection schedule is used to determine works programs for capital renewal, upgrade and maintenance of roads and stormwater drainage.

Roads managed by Council
Local urban sealed roads 675.64 km
Local rural sealed roads 264.78 km
Local rural unsealed/gravel roads 89.93 km
Regional roads 19.24 km
Total Roads 1,050 km
State Roads maintained by Council under contract with RTA 55.55 km
Drainage assets maintained by Council
Pipes 419 km
Pits and Headwalls 19,801
Wetlands (constructed) 27
GPTs 228
Council assets
Kerb and gutter 1052 km
Bus Shelters 214 structures
Concrete bridges on local roads 39 structures
Timber bridges on local roads 20 structures

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Rolling Works Program

The Rolling Works Program includes all works associated with capital renewal, upgrade and maintenance of roads and stormwater drainage.

Projects for each asset type are ranked using criteria to ensure the most important works are given priority. This is detailed below.

Examples of the assessment criteria include:

  1. Road works involve changes to road surfaces, kerb and guttering, traffic management and include road upgrades, renewal and resealing. Priorities take into account road safety, accident history, traffic volumes and type, and the commercial, industrial or tourism significance of the route.
  2. Footpath works priorities take into account pedestrian demographic; usage; condition of the existing path; distance to existing footpaths or shared pathways to make extension; and how close they are to schools, shops, community facilities, etc.
  3. Drainage works priorities take into account relieving impacts of flooding; reducing negative environmental impacts of stormwater; and taking advantage of opportunities to complete drainage upgrade works with planned roadworks.

pdf format Roads and Drainage Capital Works Program 2015/16 (131kb). Last updated May 2016. Please note the program is subject to change.

The program forms part of Council’s strategic 4-Year Capital Works Program that is designed to provide the community access to affordable, safe and clean transport options that enable easy travel both within the Shire and other regional centres and cities. The program has been developed on a risk and priority basis that provides the most benefit to the community in an efficient and sustainable manner.

Queries or requests for road and drainage upgrades that are not on the Rolling Works Program can be submitted to Council in writing, addressed to the General Manager.

Requests and Complaints

You can submit a service request about any road and drainage issue through Council’s e-services.

To make a claim against Council for injury or damage, submit a request in writing, addressing your letter to the General Manager. Include any supporting evidence, such as photographs and supply written quotes for damage repairs. Any incidents reported will be investigated and assessed after your letter has been received.