Greening Wyong Strategy

The Greening Wyong Strategy has been prepared to clearly define the principles and guidelines for planning and managing trees within the Shire’s public places (such as streets and parks) in a proactive and sustainable way. It is intended as a tool for Council staff, consultants and the community and provides information on species selection and planting guidelines with the aim of achieving the ‘right tree in the right place’. The strategy also promotes an understanding of the benefits of trees within the urban environment and their value as part of the wider environment.

The strategy is not intended to direct planting within natural areas such as bushland, wetlands and wildlife corridors, although the principles and guidelines can be used as supporting information when planning for these areas, as well as informing tree planting on private land. Council’s Natural Resource Management Strategy 2011-2032 provides a broader framework for managing natural assets and landscape settings.

This document comprises 3 parts: The Strategy Document which is an overall document for linking design considerations to implementation and management of public trees.

Part 1 deals with procedures for the management of trees. This is a working document for Council staff which can be referred to in Councils electronic record system (TRIM).

Part 2 comprises two sections and is intended as a ‘working document’ which may be updated over time as required.
Section 1: is the ‘how to’ part of the document providing technical information on standards, planting techniques and requirements - the Technical Guidelines.

Section 2: Is the action plan for Council to facilitate the correct planning for the ongoing planting program which provides the background detail and analysis of the Priority Planting Precincts.
Appendix B provides a table of urban tree species suitable for public areas that have been grown successfully in Wyong. The list is intended as a guide only and is not prescriptive.