Ground Closures

Council assess the effects of wet weather and the condition of each sports ground from Monday to 3pm Friday.

If Council determines the sports grounds is closed it cannot be used for training or competition purposes. This includes the area surrounding the sports ground. Unauthorised use will result in fines to the user.

After 3pm Friday and on the weekend, associations determine if sports grounds can be used safely and without damaging the playing surface. Council reserves the right to close sports grounds on weekends under special circumstances.


Bounceback SMS

BounceBackSMS works by Council allocating each sporting field a unique code. If you text that code to 199 25465 you'll receive a response details whether that particular sporting field is open or closed. Each SMS costs a flat fee of 55 cents. For SMS help, call 1300 552 189.

BounceBack SMS users under the age of 18 must have the account holders permission to use this service.