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Wyong Action Team logo.  Colourful colour splats behind the letters W A T.

Wyong Action Team (WAT)

As part of the creation of the Youth Engagement Strategy in 2010 we asked young people how they wanted to get involved and you clearly said you wanted to make ‘stuff happen for youth, by youth’.

Based on your feedback we have created the WAT to help young people make stuff happen for their peers, make sure young people have a voice on youth issues and provide a youth perspective on our policies and procedures.

Check out the WAT web page for more information.

Wyong Shire Youth Centres

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Ngura Logo incorporating indigenous dot design in yellow, black and red.NGURA – meaning ‘place’

The Ngura program was developed to help address issues young Indigenous people face on a daily basis including cultural identity, education, employment opportunities, self-esteem and racism.

Run in two Central Coast Council North High School every year, the program is a partnership with Mingara Recreation Club, to increase awareness of the importance of physical actitivty and health issues that affect Indigenous Australians.

During the course the students cover topics including aboriginal life expectancy, nutrition, leadership and maintaining pride in their Aboriginality.


Community Directory

Check out Central Coast Council's Community Directory for community groups, support services, government departments, sports clubs, charities and service clubs that support the local community.

Free Tutor Service

Logo for Your TutorYourtutor is a free online tutoring service that allows students to obtain homework help from trained professionals, 3pm-10pm, Sunday to Friday. Topics covered include English, Maths, Science and Assignment Help.

Join your local library for free and then you can access Yourtutor.

HSC Help

Learn strategies to ' think like an examiner, not a victim' at the HSC Discovery workshops.

Youth Engagement Strategy

WhThree silhouette's of people in movement in orange, purple and blue.o are our young people? What do they think and want?  

How can you be part of Youth Empowerment in Wyong Shire?

The Youth Engagement Strategy is about improving the quality of life and wellbeing of young people in the Shire and supporting young people to achieve their goals and aspirations and be active valued members of the community.

Take a look below for toolkits for young people, community organisations and businesses.