Neighbourhood Noise

Neighbourhood noise such as power tools, amplified sound equipment, air conditioners and motor vehicles may incur a fine when breaching time restrictions and legislation.

Barking Dogs

Barking dogs can bring an on the spot fine.

Council may also issue a "nuisance order" against a dog under the Companion Animals Act. If the dog continues to bark this may attract a fine.

Sometimes all that is required is for the dog owner to be told that their dog is causing a nuisance. Unfortunately this is often not the case and in many cases the dog owner doesn’t believe that there is a problem.

To address the problem we need some information from you including the address of where the dog lives. If you are worried about a barking dog in your neighbourhood, please call Customer Contact on (02) 4350 5555 or lodge a request online.

Read general information about dog ownership responsibilities.

Tips on resolving noise disputes

Visit the NSW Environment Protection Authority for additional information about noise, time restrictions and who you should contact when dealing with neighbourhood noise.

The department’s information includes tips on resolving issues such as noisy vehicles, intruder alarms, construction works, features posters, audio files and brochures.

If you are in dispute with your neighbour you can also seek advice from: