Requirements for Plumbing and Drainage Works

A plumbing and drainage inspection application form should be submitted, with payment of the applicable fee(s), for all plumbing and drainage works.  The form can be submitted by an owner, builder, plumber or other relevant person.

Notice of Works
Atleast two days before a Plumber starts work on a property, the Plumber must provide Council with a Notice of Work.
The Notice of Work must be signed by a Licensed Plumber.  If fees have not been paid, they must be paid upon submission of the Notice of Work.  If fees have been paid, the receipt number should be written on the completed Notice of Work.
Plumbing and Drainage - Notice of Work

Certificate of Compliance
Within two days of completing plumbing works, the Plumber must submit a Certificate of Compliance.  A copy of the Certificate of Compliance must be provided to Council and the owner (and a copy retained by the Plumber).
Certificate of Compliance - Plumbing and Drainage

Drainage Diagram
Within two days of completing the plumbing works, the Plumber must also provide Council and the customer with a drainage diagram, using the template below, of any sanitary drainage work they have completed.
Plumbing and Drainage (Sewer Service) diagram

Please Note:  All forms may be printed from this site.  Additionally, hard copy booklets are available for purchase from Council.



An important way town water can be protected is to prevent the backflow of water from premises considered to be a potential risk of cross contaminating town water with polluted water. Town water in these circumstances can be protected by installing a backflow prevention device.  Council require a backflow prevention device be installed by an accredited licensed plumber at the property boundary and registered with Council. Lodgement of an water supply backflow prevention form and payable fee are required.

It’s a requirement that testing of the device be conducted on an annual basis and results submitted to Council each year.