Council’s tree policy has recently changed, making it easier for landowners to remove trees on RESIDENTAL properties. 

What has changed?  

A landowner can now remove any tree or vegetation on a residential property (less than 1500m2) without an application to Council, UNLESS the tree is a protected species or the property is heritage listed under Schedule 5 of Council's Local Environment Plan,

If the residential property is larger than 1500m2, trees can be removed within 12 metres of any approved structure (meaning a house, garage or shed), unless again it is listed under Schedule 5 of Council's Local Environment Plan,  To remove a tree further than 12 metres from a structure – an application is required.  You will need to download the Tree Works Application and fill in the applicable fields. Take a look at the pdf format sample tree application plan (433.04 KB) to help you fill out the form.

What if I just want to prune a tree?

No application to Council is required for the pruning or removal of exotic trees (non-native to NSW) in any zone unless the item is included in Schedule 5 of Council's Local Environment Plan 2013.  For more information take a look at Pruning trees in Wyong Shire.

What do I do if I believe the tree is an protected species?

Before removing or pruning any vegetation, State and Federal Government legislation also needs to be considered by the landowner, including provisions to protect threatened species, and the legislation is listed in appendix A to Council's Development Control Plan (DCP). Council encourages the use of qualified technical experts to assist in the identification of trees, as well as consultation with the relevant legislation and Authorities when trees are proposed to be removed.  Tree species having conservation significance are listed here, current at January, 2015.

Council arborists are available to help identify trees for residents but a fee is involved.  Download and fill out the Tree Identification Form and return to Council. 

What do I do if I want a tree removed that is within 6 metres of my house but not on my property?

If the tree is on a neighbouring residential property, you will need to talk to your neighbour about the removing the tree and may be asked to share the costs.  Mediation is available at Community Justice Centres.  Council does not have the power to even request a resident to remove a tree on their property.

If you require additional information, phone Council’s Customer Contact Centre on (02) 4350 5555.