About Us

Central Coast Council provides clean drinking water and effectively disposes of sewerage for around 63,000 residential, commercial, industrial and government properties across the former Wyong shire.

To provide these services we manage:

  • Raw water - catchment, storage, treatment.
  • Drinking water - treated water delivered to customers.
  • Sewerage - collection, transport, treatment and disposal.
  • Recycled water - advanced wastewater treatment and distribution.


Water supply authority

Central Coast Council is listed as a Water Supply Authority under the Water Management Act 2000.

As water a supply authority we:

  • Harvest, treat and deliver water, in compliance with the appropriate guidelines, to residences, businesses and public places
  • Transport, treat and dispose of sewage in accordance with legislative requirements and community expectations
  • Collect, transport and dispose of stormwater in a safe and environmentally sound manner to reduce risk to life and damage to property
  • Collect revenue from customers to recover the costs of providing water, sewerage and stormwater services.